About Us

Company Overview

Culbreath Oil and Gas Company, Inc., is a privately owned, domestic energy company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We are actively involved in the exploration, development, and acquisition of oil and gas in the Mid-Continent Region of the United States. Culbreath’s currently operates over 140 wells located in eastern Oklahoma and northwest Kansas.

Culbreath’s core focus has been conventional, vertical plays; targeting stacked, multi-pay zones found at depths above 5,000’.   Production is primarily oil.


History & Operations


In September, 2000, while operating from a room located in the back of a gourmet coffee and kitchen supply in Tulsa, Culbreath Oil & Gas permitted its first well. Culbreath subsequently drilled and acquired interests and leasehold covering portions of six townships within Creek, Hughes, and Okfuskee Counties of northeast Oklahoma.  Part of a mature oil province, the area is characterized by multi-stacked Pennsylvanian thru Ordovician age reservoirs, found at depths ranging between 2500’ and 4500’.

Culbreath operates various types of producing properties in Oklahoma, ranging from single unit gas wells, to multi-well oil leases and water floods.  All wells are vertical.



Since 2010, Culbreath has been engaged in a shallow oil drilling program driven by 3D seismic data.  By the start of 2017, Culbreath had obtained leasehold covering portions of eight counties and had drilled or acquired producing wells in over 30 different fields. Culbreath has assembled and maintained a substantial prospect inventory that has provided a steady rate of activity primarily targeting the multiple stacked beds of the Lansing Kansas-City through the Mississippi formations found at depths less than 5,000’.  Individual wells operated by Culbreath have had initial peak rates approaching 150 BOPD with estimated ultimate recoveries ranging over 130,000 BO.